• “To be professionally trained with company materials has really pulled me outside my comfort zone and re-ignited my creativity in performing. A HUGE thank you to Slma! She is an exceptional instructor!” – AIB Producer
  • “I believe I gained valuable and useful tools to better my voice-over work. Slma made me aware of the setting the mood and intention with my voice, something I never thought about. It was genuinely and sincerely an Oprah Aha! Moment.” -AIB Producer
  • “Slma did a wonderful job and I truly appreciated her insight. She was critical (constructively) but encouraging and the feedback from her and others really pushed me further than I would have pushed myself.” – AIB Producer
  • “Slma’s enthusiasm and encouragement really helped me develop my vocal brand. The atmosphere was relaxed, engaging and created an environment for feedback which is absolutely vital. Slma really opened my eyes to a brand new world of vocal possibilities.” – April Whiteside
  • “Thank you for being such an amazing professor. The spoken and written Arabic has stuck with me and been a tremendous asset when traveling alone. I learned more in your one class than in my last two years of college. Your lessons and compassion were greatly appreciated and certainly not forgotten.” -Student
  • “She was a great communicator.”-Client
  • “She is very passionate about her job. She is also very interested in her students.”     -Student
  • “Mrs. Shelbayah was very clear and concise about every aspect of this course.”
  • “Always prepared, knowledgeable and passionate about teaching. Great instructor.”  -Student
  • “I think she was very knowledgeable about the subject and displayed that in lectures and discussions.” -Student

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